Chris O'Brien


Chris O’Brien, a native of Benicia, CA, started playing the trumpet in fifth grade. Chris’ two younger siblings joined suit and, by the following year, all three O’Brien kids were playing trumpet in band together. Sharing music with his family encouraged Chris to practice and perform at the highest level and he attributes his passion for music to his family’s support.

During high school, Chris performed in several countries outside the U.S. including an international tour with the San Francisco Symphony Youth Orchestra to Germany, Austria, and Luxembourg. From performing in the world’s most revered concert halls to busking on the streets around San Francisco’s Union Square, Chris is well-versed in a variety of musical styles from classical to jazz to pop. One of his favorite musical memories was performing a halftime show with the Michigan Marching Band and members of the New York Philharmonic brass section in front of a packed Big House Stadium with over 100,000 fans in attendance.

Before attending college, Chris studied with Ron Blais, former cornet soloist of the United States Air Force Premier Band in Washington D.C. Chris holds a Bachelor’s degree in trumpet performance from the University of Michigan where he studied under Professor William Campbell. He recently completed his Master’s degree as a teaching assistant at Penn State University with Dr. Langston Fitzgerald of the Baltimore Symphony. Currently, he is based in Los Angeles, CA pursuing a Graduate Certificate at the University of Southern California, studying with Thomas Hooten and Jennifer Marotta. Most recently, Chris can be found performing at the Disneyland Resort as a Toy Soldier Trumpeter.