Ariel Improta


Ariel Improta has been choreographing and directing musicals for the past ten years with the ABC Unified School District, Whitney Performing Arts Camp, Orange County Children’s Theatre, and LAMusArt. Her teaching career began at LAMusArt as the dance instructor and choreographer for the Camp MusArt summer program. She is currently the Theatre Instructor at Leal Elementary School, and recently assisted in producing, directing, and choreographing the first district-wide musical for the ABC Unified School District. She has been a licensed Zumba Instructor since 2011, and currently teaches at the Cal State University, Long Beach Student Recreation and Wellness Center.

Her passion for the arts developed at a young age while taking dance classes in studios across Orange County. She is committed to making theatre and dance fun and engaging, while challenging students to break out of their comfort zones and develop performance skills.