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Aaron Estrada


Aaron Douglas Estrada (b.1994) is an artist whose work examines the body in space, moments of play, and decolonization. He is an auto-ethnographer that documents materials and the energy in them through collective memories and stories. He incorporates songs, sayings, and cultural signifiers that contain a layered history. He is creating repositories for memory through which he honors/questions the material.

He is a first generation Los Angeles Salvadoreño native. He incorporates growing up in Los Angeles and his exposure to different cultures, languages, and lifestyles in his work. He is also a member of 3B, a collective of Los Angeles-based artists and designers who create site-specific installations, public artworks, and murals. 3B’s works reflect their commitment to providing an inclusive platform that encourages pride and recognition of the different facets of their communities. Their works make the arts accessible by addressing the social inequalities, creating public works through shared resources, providing peer support, teaching and mentorship.

Aaron was also included an Artists You Should Know List in the Latinx Art: Artists, Markets, and Politics by Arlene Davila. His work has been exhibited internationally in Spain, El Salvador, and Mexico. He has a BA in Fine Arts from the University of California, Los Angeles and received his MFA in Sculpture + Extended Media from Virginia Commonwealth University.

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