Camp MusArt 2015 Performs Shrek the Musical Jr.

Camp MusArt opens the doors of musical theatre to children ages 7 to 14 through daily classes in art, dance, music, and drama. This year, fifty students were able to explore their creativity and build their confidence as they rehearsed this year’s production of Shrek the Musical Jr.

As the curtains opened, students stepped onstage with vibrant costumes and full-stage makeup. They supported each other and worked as a team, giving each other words of encouragement and helping each other with costume changes. These five weeks were transformative for our students. They built strong friendships, developed their artistic skills, and became comfortable in their own skin. As the song from the show goes, they were able to let their “Freak Flag Fly!”

LAMusArt and the Camp MusArt staff would like to thank all friends and family for their support, and most of all, the students that worked so hard to bring this musical to life. We can’t wait for next year! Click here for the full gallery.

Welcome to Duloc: Such a Perfect Place!

Lord Farquaad (Julia Zayas) interrogates Gingy (Elizabeth Vargas) to find Princess Fiona. Guards: Matthew Salazar, Aaron Pasillas, Christopher Aviles

Students take their final bow

Young Fiona (Azucena Ortega), Teen Fiona (Brianna Arias), and Adult Fiona (Adriana Ortega) sing of true love in the dragon guarded tower.

Donkey (Lynn Selkin) sings with backup dancers (Brianna Arias, Cassandra Frias, Abigail Segura, Marin Hernandez) Come on Shrek, “make a move” on Princess Fiona

Cast of Shrek the Musical Jr.

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